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Arian Petro-Ideh (API) Co. has joined the list of reputable vendors, banking on customers’ trust and its managers’ experience, providing efficient and professional services.

Offering a variety of training courses, sharing managers’ ideas and applying management strategies on the skilled executive teams have developed technical knowledge to undertake different sorts of tenders and projects.

In construction projects, the company supplies water stops and concrete ingredients to waterproof and modify the concrete structures.

In 2008, for the first time in Iran, the company started to organize the gas fields in several cities in Iran. At the moment, insulation job of piping and repairing valves are a part of activities taken place in gas and field division of this company through guaranteed contracts.

Procuring materials required for oil and gas projects and offering advanced training courses on valves are accentuated points of Arian Petro-Ideh.

Arian Petro-Ideh Team is hoping for providing more services for fellow Iranian citizens, God willing.